Limited edition archive quality prints on Hahnemühle German Etch 310gsm



Ice Mountain' is named after a giant inflatable moored off the waterfront at Chippewa Ranch Camp, Eagle River, Wisconsin, USA. The floating white pyramid served as a multi-use battleground for waterside activities. ​


Approximately ten million children attend Summer Camps in North America each year. It is a transformative experience for many who refer to summer camp as their home away from home. A safe and nurturing environment and antidote to the digital age, 'campers' spend up to nine weeks each summer participating in high-engagement activities that emphasise physical and social skill-building, and being challenged in ways that teach the value and rewards of effort. ​


North American summers feel endless and hot. Sports coaches (referred to as 'counselors') are employed from all over the world, but mainly from the U.S. U.K. Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to spend up to 3 months living together with campers in simple gender segregated lakeside log cabins.


Perhaps even more so with this picture than other paintings in this exhibition, the colours are exotic, strange, alien even. Rendered in eye-poppingly artificial colour; the natural world made otherworldly, only the bronzed figures add the presence of solidity. Painted using a shiny oily petroleum distillation

called Bitumen then sprinkled with gold dust, the lifeguard appears loose yet alert, relaxed yet vigilant. The symbolic abstraction of flower petals surrounding the girl is inspired by the 1999 Sam Mendes film; ‘American Beauty’.

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