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The World is a museum of infinite strangeness


b. 1976 London, U.K.

B.A. University of Brighton 2000

M.A. Royal College of Art 2002

Treasured memories of foreign places underpin the artwork on this website. Adventures in East African defined my style of figure and landscape painting. And more recently, time spent in Asia and the Med have been equally inspiring. Exploring new places, drawing and taking photos sustains creativity in my painting studio.

Blue is my current colour of choice. Memories from Bali, Zanzibar, Côte d'Azur, Ionian and Balearic Islands amalgamate and distil alongside time spent on beaches in Devon and Cornwall. New paintings explore Poseidon's realm and social body language in the zone where land meets sea.

Originating from water both prenatally and in a genetically evolutional sense implies this classical element is a potentially significant environment in terms of our cellular memory. As stimulant to mind, body and soul; people have long sought the rejuvenating power of sun, sand and the ocean.

Vibrant, sun-kissed colour flows. Trial and error alchemy of oil paint, powdered pigment and whatever else comes to hand brings to life to characters and their environment. Unsuccessful experiments  become  stepping stones to new possibilities. Occasionally, the moons align, preparation meets opportunity and accident meets inspiration. These moments are why I am an artist.



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